5 Ways To Make Your Invitations Stand Out

5 Ways To Make Your Invitations Stand Out

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It might still be chilly out but the planning of parties under the warm summer sunshine has already begun! With planning comes selecting themes, picking out matching décor, and selecting the finest details to make your party the most memorable of the season for your guests and for you!

 5 ways to make invitations stand out lous letterpress

Your invitations are the first taste of what your party will be like. When your guests receive an invitation, the invitation sets the stage of expectations-- from theme to experience. Small, informal, or impromptu get-togethers may call for a quick phone call, text, or email. However, when you’re investing thought, time, and energy into a special event— large or small— a custom invitation that is letterpress printed lets your guests know that this event was made to exceed expectations.


Making an invitation stand out for your upcoming event will ensure it doesn’t get tossed out with the junk or passed over when going through the routine mail. Below are my favorite ways to make your invitation stand out.


1 - Work with a theme

Chances are your party has a theme. That theme might be a pink or blue baby shower to welcome a bundle of joy to this world, a waterfront wedding, or a fourth of July celebration! Bring this theme into your invitation so your guest has a feel of what the celebration will be like on the day of! This can be done in a beautiful and classy way-- blue or pink writing for the baby shower, simple anchor or wave details for the wedding or hand-drawn fireworks for celebrating the fourth of July!


2 - Keep it simple with fonts

If you try to design an invitation yourself it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all the font options available these days. One quick pop into Canva and you can be tempted to choose a multitude of fonts. I recommend sticking with timeless fonts and choosing 2-3 fonts which compliment each other. This will keep your invitation easy to read and more uniform looking to your guest.


3 - Add a touch of foil

One of my favorite details for an instant touch of class and glamor is to use foil detailing on your invitations. From gold foil edges to rose gold lettering on an invitation, and even foil pressed return addresses on your envelopes, nothing says you’ll be attending an event with an extra eye to detail than foil.


4 - Add an embellishment

Embellishments are a great way to add personality to your invitation. One of my favorites is envelope liners which are a great way to complement your invitations design and color palette.

Another is silk ribbon which can enhance an elegant invitation while twine can add a rustic touch. Wax seals can be used as part of the invitation itself, to wrap up a wedding invitation suite, or to seal the envelopes. The possibilities that embellishments offer are endless!


5 - Letterpress

Let’s be honest, we knew this one was coming! Letterpress invitations are one way to showcase your upcoming event. A letterpress invitation sends the message of importance when the recipient opens the invitation. The quality of the materials, the detailing of the letterpress, the feel of the overall piece, all give a beautiful impression to your guest and set them up for high expectations of your event. A letterpress invitation also shows your guest how much they matter. Receiving an invitation you invested in creating makes the recipient feel valued.


No matter what your celebration is, an invitation that stands out is a wonderful way to send your love and excitement to those you hope to celebrate with. Check out the shop to see our invitations and inquire about a custom invitation unique to you and your event.


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