5 Tips For Writing The Perfect Thank You Note

5 Tips For Writing The Perfect Thank You Note

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Before I even began to think of starting Lou’s Letterpress, I loved handwritten letters and cards. Whether writing letters to friends I haven’t seen in a while, to writing out individual Christmas cards, keeping in touch with those I love through the written word was always important to me and I cherished both the moments writing and the moments reading a response to a card or letter received by snail mail.

One of my favorite type of cards to write are thank you cards. Since saying thank you has become more casual, receiving an actual thank you card shows how much you truly appreciate one’s kindness, assistance, hard work or simply themselves for who they are. The simple gesture of sending a thank you note in the mail, or hand delivering a card filled with thanks, is less common now and all the more appreciated.

While the art of thank you card writing has fallen aside, etiquette on writing thank you cards still stands the test of time and following these tips can help you master the craft of writing thank you notes.

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Thank You Note | Lou's Letterpress

Tip 1 - Start with ‘Thank You’

It might seem obvious since you are writing a thank you card, but simply starting with ‘Thank you for…” is the perfect way to begin your card and notifies the individual right away what the card is about.

Tip 2 - Get Specific

When saying ‘thank you’, it’s important to be specific with the details of why you are saying ‘thank you’. Was it for a gift? Was it for attending an event or giving support during a tough time? Share the reason you are thankful and WHY you are thankful.

Tip 3 - Look to the Future

Share your sentiments for the future; ‘I look forward to seeing you again!’, ‘Let me know when I can return the favor!’, etc. This kind of hope for the future shows that your gratitude will extend through time and you are genuinely invested in your future together.

Tip 4 - Be Timely.

Sending your card in a timely manner is important so memories stay fresh and the recipient doesn’t feel like an afterthought. Try to write and send out a thank-you card within 1 to 2 weeks for something personal. If you are sending a thank you note for a party, shower or celebration, aim for one month. If it takes you longer than expected to send the note, try to begin your card with ‘I’ve been meaning to tell you…”.

Tip 5 - Pick the Perfect Card.

Picking a thank you card that is handcrafted with an equivalent amount of love as the words themselves is a great way to really show your appreciation. Choose a card that reflects the personality of the person who is receiving to really tailor your note right to them. Our Letterpress Thank You cards are printed by hand and are designed with simplicity so you can use them to say thank you for any reason.

Next time you write a thank you card, try following my top 5 tips and you’ll see how easy it is to express your thoughts to those who deserve to read them most. 



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